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To many, Saadat Hasan Manto is simply the most brilliant Indian short story writer of the 20th century. His writing was always progressive and reflected a deep empathy for the dispossessed. Manto, wrote about society as he saw it and pulled no punches in criticizing bigotry, prejudice and hypocrisy. His writing is timeless and his reflections are as valid today as they were when he first wrote them.
– An article by Prof. Rajeev Anantaram, Professor of Economics

Jack of All and Master of One! Generalist or Specialist in Career and Life?

If you have to choose between two people to operate and manage in an unpredictable and complex business environment then who could be a best fit/match to this role? Both of them are almost similar on all aspects but Person A has 11 years of intensive experience in one field, and person B also has total 11 years of experience, but in three diverse fields/domains. Who do you think is qualitatively more superior and thus suitable for the role? … A or B?
– An article by Dr. Irfan A. Rizvi, Professor of Leadership and Change Management Leadership and Life Coach

Lesser known truths about Machine Learning (ML)

There is a common perception that ML tools are state-of-the-art techniques and a cure for all. However, they are computationally more challenging,having high dependence on computer science. Recently, some academic researches demonstrated that statistical models outperform the ML methods in forecasting accuracy across short and long-term horizons. Many small and medium-sized data science companies are disappointed as the investment in ML infrastructure has not been paying off. This piece attempts to highlight some theoretical reasons for the poor show of ML and suggests plausible solutions.

– An Article by Prof. Kakali Kanjilal, Professor of Operations and Quantitative Methods

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