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COVID-19: The tempest that’s brewing digital acceleration like no one can

In this edition of the blog, Dr. Himanshu Joshi marvels at how this pandemic has managed to accelerate years of planned digital innovation into matter of months. This, to him, means we always could move sooner into this “weightless world” – we just didn’t find the most compelling reasons before.
– An Article by
Dr. Himanshu Joshi, Associate Professor Information Management

Sales Management in a post Covid world: Re-charting Strategies

Disruptions in businesses due to Covid-19 are putting sales professionals into a tizzy! How does one sell amidst challenges? The option of expanding and not contracting the scale of operations can be exercised, if sellers keep pursuing and accumulating prospects and untapped markets. Sellers must innovate and seamlessly integrate all selling functions with technology to make forays into allied businesses. To counter the obscurity hurdle, sellers should focus on digital transformation, web-based models and on increasing social media presence.

– An Article by
Prof. D.K. Batra, Professor of Marketing

Ensuring Digital Immunity amid Covid-19

Digital technology is playing a critical role in our fight against an unprecedented health crisis. Just like our health, our digital assets are also under constant threat by cybercriminals who are capitalizing on Covid-19 crises. Hence, developing a strong digital immune system that will be able to fight the frequently changing landscape of cyberthreats is the need of the hour.

-An article by
Dr Prerna Lal, Assistant Professor – Information Management

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