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Lessons from the Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

The Sri Lankan economic crisis highlights the adverse economic effect of an imprudent fiscal policy of the government. Unjustified tax cuts by the Sri Lanka government have reduced the revenues of the government and created pressure on the government to cut spending and have adversely affected the ability of the government to raise fresh debt and service the existing debt. The government of Sri Lanka has also implemented some policies relating to its agricultural sector without carefully thinking about the consequences of these policies. For Sri Lanka, tea exports have been the key foreign currency earners. Any policy measure that curtails the production of this commodity would have a direct impact on the nation’s foreign exchange earnings, economic stability, and growth.

– Prof. R.K Arora, Professor, Finance and Accounting

An overview of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

DAOs are a new kind of organization that operate without any central authority. They enable companies to manage digital contracts and automate the contract management process. They help ensure complete transparency, easier auditing of contracts and reduce the risk of fraud.

An article by- Prof. Amit Karamchandani, Assistant Professor,
Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques

Why Labour Reforms in India is a Necessity

Labour law reforms are and should be an ongoing and continuous process of every government, by introducing new laws and amending the existing ones in response to the emerging needs of the workers in a constantly dynamic, globally impacted environment.

An article by- Prof. Shailendra Nigam, Professor of Practice, OB and HR

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