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Valuations, Liquidity or FOMO behind the IPO rush in 2020

The year 2020 was like none other in history and witnessed an unprecedented change in the world’s landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic gravely impacted the economic state of affairs of most countries. The stock markets fell to drastically low levels due to the worst sell-offs in more than a decade. From the lowest levels in March 2020, the secondary market recovered by the end of the year and the new issues market also followed suit. Close to rupees thirty thousand crores were raised in the new issues market and all companies are trading at a premium now. The subscription levels were quite high, and the listing gains were also high. This article further explores the reasons for increased interest by retail investors in uncertain times. Is it the company valuations, or increased liquidity, or FOMO that is driving such a rush in the new issues market?
– An article by Dr. Shikha Bhatia, Assistant Professor of Finance

The significance of earnout offers in mergers and acquisitions

The earnout offers have been employed by the acquiring companies to hedge the risk of adverse selection in mergers and acquisitions. In India, the mid-sized IT companies have used earnouts to fund their outbound cross border acquisitions. Earnouts can be an important financing strategy for the acquirers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, that has led to a huge skepticism on part of the acquiring companies regarding the true value of the target company’s resources.
– An article by Dr. Reena Nayyar, Professor of Finance

SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYABILITY: An approach for Agile Organizations

There is a fundamental shift in the employability of the people worldwide, and this new paradigm shift requires thorough workforce and skills planning along with employees who are adaptable to regularly learning new skills and also a learning organization. An approach of Sustainable Employability will help organizations save money, build agility, productive manpower and maintain competitive edge. Organizations, practicing this holistic approach will be benefitted through employer branding and enables them to move from problem-oriented management to a systematic approach in which Sustainable Employability is also consistently promoted.
– An article by Dr. Shailendra Nigam, Professor of Practice, OB and HR

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