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Robotic Process Automation – Game Changer for Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the potential to be a game changer for the services led economic growth of India. It can increase efficiencies and reduce error rates by automating manual repetitive tasks that are very common in the services sector. This will allow businesses to retain existing human capital, up skill them, and scale fast for a global footprint.

– An article by Dr. HImadri Das, Director General, IMI New Delhi

Rationality Revisited during a Pandemic

Our understanding of rationality – inherent in decision making – has undergone significant changes as decisions under more complex decision environments have been analysed. Decision making during the pandemic reveals that absolute rationality is neither practiced nor possible in the real world and the relevant rationality appears to depend on the type of uncertainty faced by the decision maker.

An article by Dr. Pradip K Bhaumik

How India and China’s extended neighborhood has changed the global supply chain?

This week Prof. Banik goes into the deeper context of the Global Value Chain and how the same is transforming into regional Value Chain. Both India and China realise that the strengths of their own resources will be drawn from the regional integration they are able to do. India, riding on the Atmanirbhar plan will have to work harder on creating a better Value Chain framework. The reliance on China immediately will not go away and there is a dependency factor that plays. Looking at the India China trade data is an indication of the same, where despite restrictions on China, trade with them has come back to the pre-covid levels. It will be an interesting scenario to watch and see the evolution of the two players of Asia.

– An article by Dr. Arindam Banik, Distinguished Professor

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