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CORPORATE GOVERNANCE in CPSEs: A present day Challenge

With the globalization of business, corporate governance, a term virtually unknown earlier, has now become a mainstream topic. CPSEs must have good Corporate Governance to be effective. Emphasis must be placed on corporate governance as much on performance and delivery. Despite spate of disinvestments and privatization, the public enterprises continue to remain a dominant feature of the economy, nevertheless, they also face distinct governance challenges. The model roles for the three entities can be considered for proper balance among the power tripod of the government, the board, and the management.
– An article by Prof. Shailendra Nigam, Professor of OB & HR

Role of Boards: Towards Sustainable Competitive Edge

Covid 19 has indeed created new normals as the world is witnessing with the just concluded 2nd wave (though it still remains a work in progress) and prepares for the commencement of the 3rd Wave. This is crunch time for organisations to realise that the age old practices will not hold forth. Especially, the role of Boards in governance within organisations are bound to be redefined. One of the biggest challenges that India as a nation suffers from perennially is the lack of R&D culture. Most organisations, irrespective of size are invested in quick fix solutions and often the term used is JUgaad. While the Jugaad may help you tide over the crisis for a few days, the long run challenge is to create sustainable business solutions. And this is where the role of the Board will be more pronounced. It has to provide directions and a purpose to the organisation. It has to create sustainable business practice and a culture to be invested in R&D. Healthcare as a sector shall remain in the spotlight for some time. And, the challenges in R&D will no better be embedded within, than this sector. The new role of the Board has to be proactiveness and about driving home a sense of R&D to build better and resilient organisations.
An article by- Prof. Asha Bhandarker

The Daunting Challenge of Covid Vaccination in India: Some Supply Chain Issues

The piece is an attempt to understand the vaccination process from two different perspectives. One, it tries to do a scenario building in terms of the total addressable population that needs vaccination. Based on the same, how does the roll out plan possibly work? The second aspect talks about the cold chain on which the vaccine reaches the farthest part of the country. In addition, it is not just the vaccine but the peripherals attached to the entire vaccination process, including things like vials, storage etc. In a diverse and large country like India, where infra remains a crunch point, how does the roadmap for the vaccination strategy work will be a game changer perhaps. While it might be a doable idea to ascertain and estimate the actual number that needs vaccination and then cross match it to the current production capacity. Then, integrate the supply chain into the framework to possibly see how dissemination can be made fluent and more susceptible in the process.
– An article by Prof. Harish Rao, professor of Operations and Quantitative Methods

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