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Employee Well- Being: Pandemic Learnings through ‘SAT’

The world has witnessed and experienced one of the greatest fears of its time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations have been trying their level best to ensure the wellbeing of their employees by using various means. However, employee wellbeing can be embraced effectively through the collective efforts of employees and employers. This article brings an interesting framework called ‘SAT’ which attempts to provide the necessary strategies at the individual and organizational level.

An article by- Prof. Swati Dhir
Associate Professor, Organization Behaviour and Human Resources


The challenges for the next-gen supply chain and its management will be all about resilience in a post COVID world. Till now and before the pandemic ravaged everything we were talking of a leaner and efficient supply chain. However, it has all been serendipitous for most of us in a world where things like time, cost, efficiency, and resources are all finding new ways to be defined and made available. It is therefore opportune to consider the resilience of the supply chain than the efficiency or the cost bit alone. The line Kirana shop battling everything and making the daily essentials available to the people behind the manufacturing is all about resilience. The article tried to break down the definition of a resilient supply chain and the factors that can bring about resilience in the supply chain.

An article by- Dr. Siddharth Varma
Professor, Operations and Quantitative Methods

Catch-2022: In Search of the Lost Consumer

Two years of despair and an anticipation, that on the other side Life-is-Waiting and AAAll-Is-Well, is the driving force of Man and Marketer alike. As the world heals, resurrects and opens up, there is buoyancy and excitement about myriad market opportunities. With a quarter-of-a-year left, before the dawn of 2022; it is imperative to examine new paradigms that emerged and helped firms, tide the COVID storm, and stay relevant and significant for their consumers. As marketers attempt to Catch-’22, as the year of resurrection, let us learn from formulae that worked………

An article by- Dr. Neena Sondhi
Professor, Marketing

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